WHMIS 2015

Course #: WHMIS
Cost: 80.00 Plus GST
Program Length: 4 Hours
Certification Duration: 3 Years
Certified By: Cansafe

Course Description

In the early years of the Industrial Revolution, many workers were adversely affected through exposure to toxic substances used in the workplace.  As technology advanced, so did worker’s exposure to gas, liquid and solid states of newly discovered compounds.


By the early 1980’s government and labor became alarmed at the human suffering and increased health costs due to workers who had been exposed to hazardous materials.  Studies conducted show that approximately one in four Canadians were exposed to chemical hazards on the job.  Estimated health care costs, due to worker exposure, were in the excess of $600 million dollars per year.

WHMIS is a Federally and Provincially/Territorially legislated system that is based on the worker’s “Right to Know”.

CANSAFE INC. offers “Generic” WHMIS training to students providing the information required to work safely with hazardous products found in the workplace.  The interactive information session includes:

  • Why the WHMIS legislation was enacted
  • What products are governed by WHMIS
  • Responsibilities of the supplier, employer and worker
  • Labelling required
  • Information on the SDS, where to find the information and what it means
  • Worker education requirements
  • Federal and Provincial/Territorial Legislation
  • How to use the information provided

At the conclusion of the course, each student is required to complete a written exam (using the resources provided) and obtain a score of 80% to successfully obtain certification.




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