Fall Rescue for Rig Work

Course #: RR
Cost: 399.00 Plus GST
Program Length: 8 Hours
Certification Duration: No Expiry
Certified By: Enform

Course Description

The first part of training is a classroom setting, where we assist participants to develop an understanding of rope rescue fundamentals. This would include:


  • Fall rescue operations
  • Site assessment
  • Casualty assessment
  • Rescue principles
  • Rescue team roles
  • Equipment
  • Post-incident activities
  • Rescue scenarios

Hands-on training that includes:

  • Climbing to height using fall protection equipment
  • Work positioning
  • Anchorage connection
  • Transfer between fall protection systems


The second part of training is a physical application of the theory taught in the classroom using realistic scenarios that are appropriate to an oil and gas or oil rig.


After training has been completed it is necessary that the learned skills be practiced.  These scenarios are run to re-familiarize the workers with rescue skills and equipment.  These practice sessions are required to be documented.


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