Rig Worker Fall Protection

Course #: RWFP
Cost: 355.00 Plus GST
Program Length: 16 Hours
Certification Duration: No Expiry
Certified By: Enform

Course Description

Rig Worker Fall Protection training is designed to help prevent falls and minimize the damages of any fall related injuries in the drilling and service sectors of the Oil and Gas industry.  Rig Worker Fall Protection training is also designed to give workers the basic knowledge using hands on training to properly use fall protection equipment, system and components in order to do their tasks in a safe and efficient manner.


Rig workers are provided with information that helps with an understanding of the basic principles of fall protection.  Knowing how to use fall protection equipment will ensure safety while workers are conducting at height tasks.


  • Basic concepts and elements of fall protection
  • Equipment inspection and care
  • Body support devices – harness
  • Connecting components and devices
  • Double-leg lanyards and work positioning
  • Cable ladder climbing systems
  • Vertical rope lifelines (VRLs)
  • Horizontal lifelines (HLLs)
  • Self-retracting lifelines (SRLs)
  • Hands-on training that includes:
    Climbing to height using fall protection equipment
    Work positioning, anchorage connection
    Transfer between fall protection systems



IMPORTANT: Personal protective equipment will be required depending on the environment in which the course is run in.  For client specific training the client will be consulted as per PPE and permit requirements.

IMPORTANT: Rig Worker Fall Protection is a pre-requisite for Rig Worker Fall Rescue

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