ATV Industrial

Course #: ATV-I
Cost: 180.00 Plus GST
Program Length: 6-8
Certification Duration: 3
Certified By: CANSAFE

Course Description

Each student must provide their own ATV, all appropriate PPE, and fuel.


It remains the responsibility of the employer and the employee to make sure they are completely familiar with all specific safety and operational aspects of their ATV unit.

Supplies Needed:

  • Complete PPE
  • Registration and Driver Waiver
  • One ATV per student
  • Materials/Equipment normally carried On ATV

Training Site:

Off Loading ATVs Safely

  • Ramps and Procedures
  • Review Corporate Policies
  • First Aid & Survival Kit
  • Communication Policy
  • Issuing Trip Notification

Advanced Driving Skills

Emergency Stopping Procedures

  • Stopping before a drop off
  • Power Climbing Safely
  • Emergency Stop in a curve
  • Descending Steep Grades
  • Evasive Swerve and Emergency Stop
  • Traversing Side Grades
  • U-Turns on a Hill
  • Emergency K turns

Field Operative Training

Packing and Transferring Loads

  • Weight Distributions
  • Safe Loading Procedures
  • Pacing Front & Rear Racks
  • Steep Platforms
  • Specialty Mounted Equipment
  • Parking Brakes & Gears