Global Ground Disturbance Level 2

Course #: GD
Cost: 159.00 Plus GST
Program Length: 8 Hours
Certification Duration: 3 Years
Certified By: Global Training Centre

Course Description

Successful completion of the Global Ground Disturbance Level II program meets the requirements set forth by the Alberta Damage Prevention Council to ensure ground disturbance meets all regulatory and industrial standards.

Should the participant not successfully complete the course, a Ground Disturbance Level I certificate is issued, thereby meeting the workers requirements for industrial environments.


The program provides excellent guidance in the core areas of conducting digs.  Covering topics suck as regulations, industry recommended practices, responsibilities, code of practice, internal & external agreements requiring compliance the participants leave the classroom with a much greater understanding of operational running excavation projects.


The program is broken out in an easy to follow format by following the natural progression of excavation work:

  • Pre-job planning
  • Searching the area
  • Notification
  • Locating and marking
  • Exposure and mechanical excavation
  • Inspection

This flow provides the participants not only the information, but a job applicable understanding of the “flow” of a well managed project by not just explaining what needs to be done by including when it needs to be complete.

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