Skid Steer -Fusion Safety

Course #: SS
Cost: 199.00 Plus GST
Program Length: 6hrs
Certification Duration: 3
Certified By: Fusion Safety Services Ltd.

Course Description

The skid steer operator’s course includes:

Hazard assessment

The types of skid steers

Attachments commonly used

Hazards specific to the different types of skid steers and attachments

Pre-inspection of skid steer equipment

Hands on practice with pre-inspection

Basic operation of a skid steer

Hands on practice operating a skid steer through various common tasks

How weight distribution affects skid-steer loader stability and steering.

Understand the difference between Tipping Load and Rated Operating Capacity

Understanding of the Loader reactions when using the hydrostatic transmission

Important factors of maintenance for safe, efficient, and productive operation

Identify the controls and their functions

Identify the loaders safety features and their importance

Explain the safe entry and exit of the loader

Explain procedures for changing attachments

Know the fundamentals of safe and efficient maneuvering & working with the attachments