Fit Testing

Course #: FIT
Cost: 55.00 Plus GST
Program Length: Qualitative
Certification Duration: 2 Years
Certified By: Cansafe

Course Description

Fit testing to a mask system is necessary to ensure the worker has an adequate seal with the respirator to provide the required protection from a potentially dangerous atmosphere. Required by Occupational Health and Safety in all jurisdictions of Canada, the standards are provided by the Canadian Standards Association.

CANSAFE INC uses a quantitative fit test machine called a Portacount.  The equipment provides accurate and repeatable results and is specifically recognized by the CSA standard.

The Portacount Fit Test system can provide fit testing for many different mask systems through the use of adaptors, allowing for efficient testing of multiple mask types during a single test appointment.

It is important to note that the individual being tested does not eat, smoke, brush their teeth, wear perfume/cologne, chew gum or eat candy for ½ hour before the fit test.  The equipment works by evaluating particles inside the mask, causing the participant to fail the test if any of the above are present during the test.

Special pricing is available if the fit test participant is attending a training course that day at the CANSAFE INC office allowing for a cost savings and efficient use of your time.

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