Standard First Aid w/ CPR “C”

Course #: SFA-C
Cost: 249.00 Plus GST
Program Length: 20 Hours
Certification Duration: 3 Years
Certified By: St. John Ambulance

Course Description

Do you know what to do if an infant or child is choking?

Would you know what to do in a Cardio-Vascular Emergency?

What would you do if you found an infant or child not breathing?

CPR Level “C” deals with these situations and will instill in you the skills that you would need to deal with infants, children and adults if they are choking, not breathing, or if they are in need of CPR.  Along with learning how to do CPR on all age categories, you will also learn how to do 2 rescuer CPR and how to use an AED (Automated External Defibrillation)


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