Emergency Medical Responder

Course #: EMR
Cost: 1199.00 Plus GST
Program Length: 120
Certification Duration: 3
Certified By: St. John

Course Description

Course Description

The EMR course is a course for Attendants in the Pre-hospital Emergency Care field. This in-depth course, which equates to 120 minimum hours, is designed for people whose prime responsibility is pre-hospital emergency care. lt will prepare the participant for providing emergency care in remote and high-risk occupations such as search and rescue. lt will also prepare participants for providing emergency care if they plan on working with an emergency response department in their local community, place of employment or wish to continue training to the PCP level.


The course consists of 80 hours class time, approximately 40 hours of self-study, both pre-course and during the class time and final examinations (written and practical).


Course Pre-requisites:

Participants must meet the following minimum pre-requisites to be eligible to attend the EMR course:

  1. a) Be 16 years of age or older.
  2. b) Be in possession of an OHS-C First Aid certificate from St, John Ambulance Saskatchewan or equivalent of a Standard First Aid with Level C CPR certificate with AR and AED, issued within 6 months of the course start date.


Training Standards:

Training standards specify the minimum levels of knowledge and performance a participant must demonstrate to receive a certificate. The training standards are integrated in the instructional objectives listed for each session in the EMR Instructor Guide. When properly applied, the instructional objectives will ensure a uniform standard of training throughout.


Certification Requirements:

Upon successful completion of the course and the meeting of requirements outlined below participants will receive a certificate of completion of EMR training:

  1. a) Completed all exams and practical skill assessments within the scheduled classroom time.
  2. b) Completed the homework including reading and workbook exercises.
  3. c) Obtained an overall pass mark of 80% on all progress assignments (workbook, Anatomy and

Physiology Exam, Oxygen and AED Exam, and the Midterm Exam) to qualify to complete the Final Exams. lf candidates fail any of the progress assignments they can continue in the course but the mark will be applied to the final overall mark. There will be one opportunity for re-examination of any of the above exams. There is no refund of course fees.

  1. d) Participants must pass both final examinations (written and practical). The pass mark is 80% on each exam. lf unsuccessful on either one of the exams, candidates may request to re-examine within 3 months of the course end date by contacting the branch.