Advanced First Aid for Fire Fighters

Course #: AFA-F
Cost: 279.00 Plus Gst
Program Length: 24
Certification Duration: 3
Certified By: St. John

Course Description

The Advanced First Aid for Fire Fighters program has been developed to provide Fire Fighters with both the Traditional as well as Fire approach to first aid practices. This course combines Standard First Aid/HCP with advanced components from the Emergency Medical Responder program.


The material in this course will be delivered using a maximum of experiential learning through classroom presentations, demonstrations, guide discussions and practical exercises where hands-on skills and techniques will be reviewed and assessed.

Topics covered in this program are:

  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Well-Being of the First Responder
  • Death in the Field
  • Critical Incident Stress/PTSD
  • Patient Assessments
  • Oxygen Administration
  • Spinal Motion Restriction
  • Suspension Trauma


Though the majority of this practical course is “hands-on” training, the instruction is also differentiated based on the needs established through the learning objectives. The straight transmission of content is delivered through lecture, demonstration, print, and video. When candidates are challenged to explore skills and concepts that target higher-order thinking skills, they do so through discussion, guided practice, and stimulation during First Responder scenarios.


This course will not be delving into areas of Firefighting or any other area of rescue training outside of dealing with the medical emergency and transporting the patient, while these other disciplines are extremely important, we must leave you to fit the roll of all of these skills into each emergency situation.


The Advanced First Aid for Firefighters (AFAF) Instructor Guide provides you, the instructor, with the required tools to provide a positive learning experience to course participants, and ensure consistency in the course delivery. Therefore, this guide focuses on the organization and delivery of the course.


As an instructor, you must be highly-proficient with the information and skills outlined in the St. John Ambulance AFAF Reference Guide prior to teaching this course