Enform Conference; Lloydminster October 19, 2017

Enform Conference; Lloydminster October 19, 2017

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H2S Customer Promo

Once again, I just want to drop a note thanking you for your support with this downturn.

We took a break from running the H2S Alive Seat Special over the spring and summer but are now ready to start again this fall as of October 31!! We have added several new classes to our list of available ones this year and hopefully it will make it even easier for you to book in and receive the gift certificates.

We will be running this Special from
October 1 – December 31, 2017.

Please feel free to give me a call at (306) 825-8845 or email us at reception@cansafesafety.com with any questions. Janice Unrau


Client well wishes for Elisha in her future endeavors

Hello Elisha,

You have been a fantastic asset to CANSAFE.  I understand why they will miss you and have honored you with this letter of goodbye.

However, life is all about growing and having the courage to take advantage of opportunity.  May your exploration of the next step in life be exciting and satisfying.




We want to thank her for all her friendly and timely assistance with our requests. We would also like to wish her the very best in the next part of her journey.


Good luck to her! All the best in her new endeavors.


Letter of Goodbye – July 2017

July 10, 2017
It is with sadness and heavy hearts that we have to say good-bye to one of our treasured
Elisha has let us know she will be exploring bigger and better things for the future.
We have watched our girl grow from a fresh faced, out of school young girl to a very
fantastic young women and amazing mother.
We will truly miss her.
Please join us in wishing her the very best with her future endeavors.
Thank You
CANSAFE Management
Janice, Rob & Valerie

Cansafe Christmas Countdown

Cansafe Christmas Countdown

As a Special Thank You We Have Decided to Share This Gift

As of

December 5-December 31

We are offering

Standard First Aid/CPR with AED for



Thank You for Making This Year a Successful One!

Cansafe Christmas Countdown PDF

CANSAFE Christmas Hours for December 2016

CANSAFE Christmas Hours for December 2016

December 23,24,25 & 26  CLOSED

December 17,28 & 29 8:00am -5:00pm

December 30,31 & January 1, 2017 CLOSED



H2S Gift Certificates Promotion

I just want to drop a note thanking all of you again for your support over the last couple of years with this downturn.


We realize things are starting to look up but we know that not everyone is “there” yet.  Since the beginning of 2015 we have been offering the H2S Alive special – for every 10 seats (including fit testing) through our doors we are giving our clients a Gift Certificate for a free H2S Alive. 


I am thrilled at the number of them we have given out over the last 1 ½ years!  It has surpassed my highest expectations


We will be continuing this Special right through to March 31, 2017.


Please feel free to give me a call at (306) 825-8845 or email us at reception@cansafesafety.com with any questions.  Janice Unrau

 H2S Gift Certificates Promotion

Potential Postal Strike 2016

As I’m sure you have heard, Canada Post has been
talking about going on strike.
When we were made aware of this last week we called the
governing bodies for our tickets (Enform, St. John and
Global). Arrangements have been made and confirmed
with all 3 of the parties. All tickets will be sent to our office
for disbursement from here.
Currently our plan is to call either the Company or
Employee (depending on the circumstance) and let them
know the ticket has arrived. CANSAFE is also prepared to
deliver the tickets should you be local. Details will be
worked out when the time comes.
Thank you and if you have any questions please contact
me at 1-800-318-2152. Printable PDF
Janice Unrau
General Manager

First Round Gift Certificates – February March 2016

I realize at Christmas we sent out the usual letter saying
Over the last few days I have been thinking that just doesn’t seem
like it truly does express our gratitude.
So . . . . . THANK YOU!
In our industry we have had many, many challenges over the years.
This oil slowdown in particular hasn’t affected just our lives; it has
affected our whole world. For those blessed to not be affected
directly we have absolutely been affected indirectly – our friends,
the businesses where we shop, our schools.
I’m sure there are a 1000 things not mentioned.
That being said, our first round of H2S Gift Certificates have
gone out the door!
A special thanks to the clients who have waited a little longer for
theirs than should have.
It has been a very busy couple of months for us, and – once again
Thank you for that!
We can honestly say if it wasn’t for “you” there wouldn’t be an “us”


Enform Well Service BOP or Enform Coil Tubing

Hey Everyone!

Good news on the safety training front.

Recently, we have been in contact with Ken Shewchenko. For any of you who require the Enform Well Service BOP or the Enform Coil Tubing course you are most likely aware of whom Ken is.

We are very excited that starting in April, 2016 we will be offering these courses at our CANSAFE office here in Lloydminster!

The dates scheduled are as follows:

April 18 – 21 Enform Well Service BOP $870.00 plus GST
April 22 Enform Coil Tubing $430.00 plus GST

May 16 – 19 Enform Well Service BOP $870.00 plus GST
May 20 Enform Coil Tubing $430.00 plus GST

Sept 26 – 29 Enform Well Service BOP $870.00 plus GST

Oct 17 – 20 Enform Well Service BOP $870.00 plus GST
Oct 21 Enform Coil Tubing $430.00 plus GST

Please give our office a call for any questions or to register.

As well, should you wish you can register online at www.cansafesafety.com


Janice Unrau
General Manager